May 2012

The Colman Art Galleries have been redisplayed, and were officially opened on Friday 27th April. In a new departure for Norwich Castle Museum, the galleries remained open to the public throughout the redisplay project, allowing work to take place in front of visitors. The Conservation Team took this opportunity to carry out necessary work on the painting frames, engaging with the public and answering questions about the conservation processes involved.

Most of the frames needed careful cleaning. This is obviously important to show our collections at their best and cared for, but it is also important for their preservation. Dust is acidic, abrasive, and hygroscopic, and can harbour insect pests and encourage mould growth. During cleaning, the frames were examined for condition and further conservation work prioritised for the future.

The Visitor Services Team informed visitors when the Conservation Team were working in the galleries. As a result, many came to find us to see what was happening and to meet members of staff, excited that they have not seen this before in our museum galleries.

Image 31

Conservation student and Conservator using brushes and low suction vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt from the frames.

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