Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, More in Commons temporary exhibition 2021

Recently we have been cleaning, conserving and mounting items for the exhibition which explores the wildlife, history, communities and future of Norfolk’s common land.

The display includes two mounted costumes comparing outfits worn by naturalists; no, not the garmentless type! A 95-year-old 3-piece woollen suit and a contemporary naturalist uniform are amongst other items on display. The exhibition also commemorates 95 years of Norfolk Wildlife Trust and features a community 3D sculpture acknowledging the wildlife of Norfolk’s green spaces.

There was great anticipation and excitement knowing that the public would be returning to the museum for the first time in 2021.

Arms and legs taking over the kitchen belonging to Alice Forkes, Conservation Technician whilst working from home

Attaching legs to the female mannequin in the lab

Installation day

Mannequins in position

Native taxidermy animals, reptiles, birds and insects, and a herbarium collection of native plant specimens.



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