January 2012

As part of the initial gallery design, 3 rotations of all the textiles and costume were planned over forthcoming years. This would enable more of the collections to be viewed and accessed . It is also part of a collections care strategy as these objects are particularly vulnerable to light and insect damage. Even when displayed on appropriate mounts, very long term display can cause stress and subsequent damage to costume.

The first phase of installation in all the wall cases has been completed. The second phase will be to change the costume in the large island case and the cases in the Treasure, Trade and the Exotic gallery. This is planned for early 2012.

Rotating the textiles display involved the assessment, conservation and mounting of 42 objects by Conservation staff with some very valuable in-put from two volunteers.

Image 13

Alice Forkes installing a sampler into the 19thC case.

Image 14

An ‘in progress’ shot of a 18th C flower embroidered picture. It has been de-framed and removed from the wood backing board. The image shows the reverse of the embroidery and the mirror image that has been caused by light damage onto the back board.

Image 15

Reverse of a 17thC embroidery of Adam and Eve, showing the bright un-faded colours, particularly of Adam, compared to the front which has suffered light damage and looks grey.

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