November 2011

During October, the Conservation Team have been preparing objects for the new regimental displays located on the Castle Museum’s rotunda mezzanine. This exhibition includes a wide spectrum of wonderful and often thought-provoking objects, including Afghan swords, Tibetan Tsa Tsa (statue), a portable altar and a First World War helmet with a haunting bullet hole through the top of it.

Image 11

One of the more curious objects included in the new display is a ram’s head snuff box, complete with silver tipped horns, snuff spoon, a lucky rabbit’s foot and wheels.

Image 12

The ram’s head was a presented to Colonel C.S. Perry and the officers of the 2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment by Captain R.G. Dunn in 1888. Like many of the objects being re-displayed, the ram’s head required careful conservation cleaning and repairs before being ready for display.

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