January 2016

In December, NMS conservators worked with conservation colleagues at the Norfolk Record Office to organise and host a meeting of the East Anglian Conservator’s Forum. This is a group that meets at least once a year to share knowledge and skills across many diverse disciplines.

The subject of this meeting, was the use of hydration methods and materials in the treatment of 2D and 3D objects. The Record Office conservators have been working with a local company who develop and produce, amongst other products, high tech materials which are breathable and waterproof for e.g. the clothing market. Variations of these materials have proven extremely useful in trial tests at the Record Office in the treatment of paper and parchment. Objects and textiles conservators at the meeting, were able to see the potential of using these materials in their own specialisms. Demonstrations and discussions were led by NCC conservators, and talks given round the subject of hydration, including one describing analysis of fish glue, were both fascinating and illuminating. The day proved to be a celebration of conservators working with researchers, industry, and each other, to further our knowledge and methodologies in the preservation of heritage collections.


Norfolk Record Office conservator Antoinette Curtis leading a discussion group.


Norfolk Museum Service conservators Deborah Phipps and Jonathan Clark discussing methods and materials.

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